Essential Gear for American Football

Essential Gear for American Football

For a lot of people new to Football, understanding what sort of padding and equipment you need to play the game seems odd and even unnecessary. However, after your first live (contact) practice, you will know exactly why all of it is needed! Below is breakdown of essential gear you'll need for Football practices and to take the field each game day!

Helmet & Shoulder pads

The first thing you'll notice Football players wearing are helmets and shoulder pads under their jerseys. Most often American Football is compared to Rugby, where a mouthguard is the only piece of protective equipment worn but put simply, Football is fundamentally a different sport. The rules dictating the gameplay in American Football make the contacts and collisions much more dangerous for all 22 players on the field every single down and the protective equipment is crucial for player safety. 

Lower pads

Lower pads in Football have been evolving year after year to smaller, more comfortable and low-profile options. Today, the most common form of lower pads comes in a girdle which is essentially compression shorts with integrated hip, tail bone, and thigh pads that you wear underneath game pants. These 5-pad (2 Hip, 2 Thigh, & 1 Tailbone) girdles are super lightweight and so low profile that you barely notice you have them on.

Knee pads are also required for all players during games but are often slipped into designed slots in game pants. Check out our breathable, super low-profile knee pads below!


“Cleats” are what Aussies call “Boots” but that are specially designed for American Football and even tailored to the different positions. Switching to actual American Football cleats will elevate your game and you will notice a difference with each step! Cleats are not easy to come by in stores or even online outside of the US which is why American Konnection is the go-to for international players everywhere! We’re always getting new stock in so check out our range for yourself!



Of course there are countless accessories you see football players of all levels rocking but these are just the essential pieces of equipment worn during pre/in-season practices and which are required to take the field each game. We have a huge range of sports gear, equipment, accessories, and apparel on our site to help you perform so check out our store!

See you guys again soon!


The Team at AK

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