American Football in Asia

American Football in Asia

In Japan, American football has gained a significant following and is considered one of the most popular sports after soccer and baseball. The Japan American Football Association oversees the sport in the country, and there are professional and amateur leagues that compete at various levels.

South Korea also has a growing American football scene with the Korea American Football Association organizing the sport in the country. There are several teams in the top division, and the sport is played at the college and high school level as well.

In addition to Japan and South Korea, there are smaller American football communities in countries like China, the Philippines, and India. However, the sport is not as popular as it is in the United States, and there is less infrastructure to support it.

Overall, American football is not as widely played or popular in Asia as it is in the United States, but there are still dedicated fans and players who enjoy the sport in various countries across the continent.

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