About Gridiron in Australia

About Gridiron in Australia

American football is a relatively niche sport in Australia, with most Australians preferring rugby, Australian rules football, or soccer. However, there is still a dedicated community of American football fans and players in the country.

The sport is primarily played at the amateur level in Australia, with several leagues and teams spread throughout the country. These leagues include the Gridiron Victoria League, Gridiron Queensland League, Gridiron West League, and Gridiron New South Wales League.

In terms of the popularity of the sport, it is still relatively unknown to the wider Australian public, but it does have a small but growing fan base. Some Australians are drawn to the excitement of the sport and enjoy the physicality and strategy of American football.

Despite its relatively low profile in Australia, the country has produced a few notable players who have gone on to play in the NFL. These include Jesse Williams, a defensive tackle who played for the Seattle Seahawks, and Brad Wing, a punter who played for several teams, including the New York Giants.

Overall, while American football is not as popular in Australia as some other sports, it still has a dedicated following and an active community of players and fans.

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