How to Install a Visor on Your Football Helmet

How to Install a Visor on Your Football Helmet

Football players use visors for several reasons:

Eye Protection: Football is a contact sport, and players can be exposed to a range of potential hazards on the field. A visor can provide a layer of protection for the eyes, reducing the risk of injury. Glare Reduction: Visors can help reduce glare and improve visibility, making it easier for players to track the ball, read the play, and react quickly. Style and Identity: Visors can also serve as a fashion statement for players. Tinted visors, especially those with unique colors or designs, can help players stand out on the field. Medical Reasons: In some cases, players might wear visors due to medical reasons.

Here is a video and step by step guide on how you fit a football visor on your helmet.

Materials Needed:

  • Football helmet
  • AK Visor
  • Visor attachment hardware
  • Towel or soft cloth

Step 1: Preparing the Visor 1. Carefully unpack the visor and inspect it for any defects or damage. Make sure it's the correct size and style for your helmet.

Step 2: Positioning the Visor 2. Slot the visor behind the facemesk. The AK visor is tough and flexible, so you can flex as required to fit. Align the visor with the face mask area of the helmet. The attachment hardware on the visor should line up with the mid bars on the facemask of the helmet. Make sure the visor is centered and level.

Step 3: Attaching the Visor 3.

  • Insert the quick release screws from the visor's attachment hardware and onto the helmet's facemask.
  • Secure the visor from the otherside by screwing the bolt in with your fingers..

Step 4: Adjusting and Tightening 4. With the visor attached, adjust it to your desired position. You can usually pivot the visor up and down slightly to find the most comfortable angle for your eyes.

Step 5: Final Check 5. Give the visor a gentle tug to ensure it's firmly attached. Check that it doesn't wobble or move excessively.

Step 6: Cleaning 6. Clean the visor with a soft cloth and cleaning solution if needed. Avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the visor.

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